Guemes Island WA

January 2017

Dan Bartmann and I traveled to Guemes Island to install a 10′ homebrew turbine on the island. The turbine was to replace the machine installed at the General Store by Hugh Piggott during an SEI workshop That Hugh and Ian Woofenden (amongst others I think) taught on the island in 2003. For years it worked real well. The store changed ownership a couple of times, and was unoccupied for a bit. The turbine fell into disrepair so it was in need of replacing. Dan built a 10′ machine in CO and drove it out. Ian and I helped him install it. I also took care of a few other things for Ian such as inverter card upgrades and transitioning him to OpticsRE for remote monitoring/control.

Images have captions explaining a bit about whats happening.

listeroid electric start

Here is the electric start system that I built for my Listeroid 6/1 backup generator. It’s a real lifesaver during these cold Wisconsin winters.  In this particular video, its not very cold, but it gives you an idea of how easy it is to start. Ive noticed that I absolutely need to use the glowplug if its 0 degrees F or below. It cranks fine, but it will not start without it. Ill have to make some more videos of this system when its a bit warmer I think. The fuel system and a few safety features have already been updated, so this video is a bit out of date although its still fun to watch.

Related Images:

Hey there…

Hello Internet!  I haven’t had a site up for a few years as I’ve been pretty busy. Im trying this out in hopes that it alleviates some of the time involved in sharing things that Im up to (plus, we dont want to put it all on facebook!!)

This also has a learning curve, so expect the site to change often and morph into some sort of searchable gallery and portfolio as I have the time to populate it.